amir-gorenHe is recognized as an international anti-terror expert, veteran form 8 wars, actively participated in hundreds of special operations.

He has over 34 years of experience in combat and special operations in all levels of command & management positions in the field of security, defense, homeland security, and counter-terrorism. The responsibilities in Israeli Defense Forces include a wide range of positions starting from soldier in a special elite unit to military coordinator during wars.

Since transferring to Israeli Reserves Service, engages in command roles at the Antiterrorism school, part of the I.D.F reserve forces.
Currently commander of the General Control Team for Special Operations and Counter-Terrorism Units.

His rich experience in the field includes also planning, organizing, implementation and monitoring of various security projects around the world for combat, physical and technological needs and tailored solutions for public and private organizations.

His work in Europe, Middle East (Northern Iraq, United Arab Emirates etc.), Asia, Africa and USA include consulting for anti-terror units, security and protection on air, ground and sea, development, training and management of security companies, training elite forces, law enforcement forces, military units, preparation for special operations, wars, etc.

  • Member of the management board of a Security Academy located in Nevada, USA. The Academy covers various Security training domains, such as Anti-Terror, VIP Protection, Critical Assets Protection, and Security Consulting;
  • Founder and CEO of the GSA European Group;
  • Founder of International Institute for Migration and Security Research (IIMSR);
  • Founder of the first Krav Maga school in Bulgaria;
  • Member of the International Police Association;
  • Judo (professionally, Black Belt Dan 2);
  • Black belt Dan 1 in Krav Maga Survival Method;
  • Senior National Judo Referee.